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Venture capital investors are primarily responsible for the trillion-dollar capitalization of today's technology market leaders. Without venture capital, the digital market today would be very different. Many of today's most successful companies would never have been able to succeed had they not attracted venture capital early on. Are you interested in reaching such heights? Then you definitely need to know about Vibranium!

Vibranium.VC is a Silicon Valley-based venture fund founded in 2021. The company promotes B2B SaaS startups aiming to reach a global audience. We are looking for teams of 5+ members that have already achieved $20k+ monthly sales in the US and have a working business plan to enter the market.

An ambitious IT team can help a startup business reach a whole new level with the expertise and investments offered by the venture fund entrepreneurs lead. Furthermore, Vibranium offers its extensive network of business contacts to assist startup teams with financial assistance and potential customers.

These advantages represent a massive opportunity for companies that use advanced digital technologies in their products and seek rapid growth.

Vibranium does not only work with standard staffed companies but actively supports projects of all social groups and categories: women, refugees, immigrants, members of ethnic minorities, etc. Thanks to this diversity, people get acquainted with new, non-trivial projects that read this literally "blow up" the market.

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