Laser Shutters for Systems

Laser shutter designs that are versatile, durable, and fail-safe

Laser systems often require blocking devices to prevent accidental exposure from causing injury. Laser light can also be redirected, filtered, or attenuated using Brandstrom Instruments rotary solenoid shutters.

Laser safety applications commonly use Brandstrom Instruments' optical shutters.

Our laser shutters can be customized to meet your specific needs.

With our products, you will find reflective finishes, innovative blade shapes, hall effect sensors, and ND filters you cannot find on off-the-shelf products. Laser applications that use rotary drive shutters include:

Positioning of neutral density (ND) and optical density (OD) filters


  • General laser safety

  • Laser surgery

  • Target acquisition

  • Fiber optics


Future Laser System Programs: Defense Application Spotlight

For future laser system programs like the Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS), Brandstrom continues to develop advanced engineering solutions.

In collaboration with Global Position System (GPS) precision laser-guided munitions, JETS is an advanced modular day/night all-weather laser target locating system.

Advanced laser program designers can take advantage of our laser shutters' proven value-added features and low-risk technical approach. In addition, the use of existing shutters ensures compliance with or exceeds critical performance parameters. As a result, your new product will have battlefield-proven performance, high reliability, and streamlined published here logistics support.

We can also provide innovative solutions for your products at Brandstrom Instruments. To discuss your specific laser shutter application, please get in touch with us.

Laser Blocking Shutters

For laser safety shutters, laser blocker shutters, ND (neutral density) filter actuators, and mirror positioning on front surfaces, we design miniature rotary solenoid assemblies. In addition, we use rotary electro-mechanical actuators in our Optical Beam Shutters to provide inherent safety.

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