Fast optical shutters

Liquid crystal (LC)-based optical shutters (variable filters) in the FOS (Fast Optical Shutter) series are driven by an external voltage, controlling their light transmittance. With LC shutters, there are no moving parts or vibration, and they have a small footprint compared to conventional mechanical shutters.

The polarization modulator in most shutter models is an LC cell between polarizers. The birefringent LC molecules reoriented by applying a drive voltage, changing the light's phase retardation. The whole shutter structure changes the transmittance of light. Voltage amplitude modulation achieves analog gray-scale operation between fully open and closed states.

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Standard models and sizes

Several standard shutter sizes are available with short lead times, enabling a wide range of applications. The shutters possess different electro-optical properties. We offer further optimization and custom design services for customers who cannot find the shutter properties they require in terms of electro-optical and mechanical dimensions (up to 14"x16" dimensions). Volume supply can range from a single prototype to several million monthly units.

â–¸Main characteristics and standard sizes

Top coating and anti-reflective (AR) cover glass.

AR cover glass laminated on both sides of the shutter for demanding optical applications. This configuration minimizes surface published here reflections, beam deviations, and wavefront aberrations in imaging applications.

Electrical connection

Contact pins bonded to shutters. Flexible flat cables (FFCs) and soldered wires are also available.

Drive waveform

With no voltage applied, the shutters operate in their fully open, light-transmitting state. Higher drive voltage amplitude generally results in a more significant contrast and a shorter closing time. In addition, RMS voltage affects the shutter's transmittance. An LC layer without net DC bias can prevent ion migration and impair shutter performance and lifetime. Below are two AC square waveforms that are useful for achieving this. Select the right option if you want to cycle between open and closed states.

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